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Jul 10, 2011 10:00am PDT
. thank you so much for coming. >> we're glad to be here. >> you sent us a power point presentation. and then we'll have some video and we'll get a story on who lived at the veterans home there. so our viewers can take a look. but this is a veterans home for those who served bravely, but there is a place on the grounds that is for family members who many can't afford a hotel room when they visit their loved ones. >> exactly. >> we need renovate the facility. >> yes. host ho hostess house. it was first thought of by an army nurse and she realized there was no place for families or friends to come and visit the veterans there, particularly ones in the hospital and they out to have a place. so she started out to find some funding. and she made it. and by 1952, they had their first guests in an eight unit hostess house. >> and you're doing a great job renovating this facility. how badly does it need renovation? >> it's not up to par by government regulations. and more importantly, the town of yountville has nothing but very high he said hotels and restaurants. out of the reach of most p
Jul 18, 2011 2:00am PDT
eating and drinking uses as principally permitted uses if the total street frontage dedicated to such use does not exceed 30% and as conditionally permitted uses if the total street frontage dedicated to such use exceed 30%. remove the prohibition on large fast-food restaurants and prohibit formula retail pet supply stores and formula retell eating and drinking establishments in the subdistricts. many video stores a principally permited use on the ground floor. permit a how -- height increase of 5 feet to permit tall brown- floor ceilings in the zoning district. make an environmental finding. presentation today by joseph smooke, legislative aide to supervisor eric mar. president o'brien: welcome. >> good evening. joseph smooke, legislative aide to supervisor mar. a have been working on this legislation. my colleague was working on this for a number of months. i am picking it up from her to present to you tonight. , do lovage is here as well in the audience. -- tom radoullovitch is here as well in the audience. the supervisor presented to you a couple of months ago the first part of this l
Jul 17, 2011 12:30pm PDT
to use overtime to ensure levels of service. they are not confident that the reduction will result, as i understand this legislation, which is not necessarily the objective, which is to control over time, as i see at. they reported that if over time is capped at 20% rather than 30% of base salary of them over time be spread amongst a larger number of employees. additionally, if the current restrictions and required monthly reports with waiver processes are required as employees of for of the gaf, they discourage the use of overtime, necessitating managers' pay attention as we consider approval of this resolution to be a policy matter for the board of supervisors. supervisor chu: thank you. thank you also to the sponsor for suggesting that we continue the item. i think it would be useful to see what other reporting other than my usual two. in terms of the time, we can look at it in terms of a number of different ways, giving it can in ways that help to address that issue. whether or not it addresses the issue of overtime there are appropriate uses of overtime and some of the departments h
Jul 12, 2011 5:00am PDT
of the law. the same language has been used interchangeably, and they are not interchangeable terms. when you have a high deductible insurance plan, you compare that with the health savings account. an hsa can only be used with a high deductible insurance plans. there are then separate flexible spending accounts that provide for various -- i had one at my last employer that i used for health care reimbursement. this was a flexible spending account. family costs -- my child's day care, i can get reimbursed, but i have to use it every year. ssa's are required to be use it or lose it. there is then an hra, which in many ways mirrors the hsa, but is a more flexible approach that does not have to be prepared with a high deductible plan. i just want to clarify that because the distinction got lost when people were talking about how to use hra's. an hra is more flexible than an hsa. an employee can take advantage of this money and it is not reflected as income. if i want to go in need to go to the doctor, i can see the doctor and get reimbursed $100. that $100 does not reflect as income to me. that
Jul 2, 2011 8:00am PDT
francisco is great, so i do not know why we need to buy bottled water. you can use the same fountain. you can fill the bottled water with have water and put it in. >> there may be a particular issue with plumbing in a few schools that we are addressing as they are modernized, and once that happens we will be able to use the tap water, because the plumbing will have been modernized. that is a small number. i think we all enjoy it, so we will do our best to make sure that is what we are drinking a curator >> -- we are drinking. >> are there some schools but would need some modifications that are not in our bond measure? >> as we go through the process, and we are looking for a way to be able to include that and in the schools that would be on the 2011 bond, each individual school outside of the group will have to be assessed to see if there is a water fountain already in the cafeteria. in some schools there may already, and it may be a matter of making short is -- making sure it is suitable size is. -- as is. we will not know until we have a full assessment. >> any other questions? >> the b
Jul 13, 2011 12:00pm PDT
finance reports, using conservative estimates, the total cost of issuing the proposed to tickets of participation would be $316,280,000. that includes the project cost and related expenses, and included the interest cost estimated at $148,165,000. annual interest rate of 5.63% on the cop's. average cost to the city general fund would be about $12,165,00 for a period of 12 years. the cost of financing the $132 million in improvements to the veterans building through the use of general obligation bonds would be an estimated $228,520,000. that is a $7 million less than the cost of funding and the improvements using the proposed cop's. furthermore because general obligation bonds are financed through property taxes, financing would have effectively have no impact on the city's general fund, whereas the proposed cop's do not include a new source of revenue and require general fund expenditures of approximately $12 million per year. however, having said that, it is reported to us that under g.o. bonds, voter approval would be required. city officials that we dealt with, including the c
Jul 15, 2011 6:00am PDT
cafeterias. the building grounds committee gave us a positive recommendation. >> would you like the full therefore be it resolved? it provides access for fresh drinking water during meal times, including areas under the national school lunch and breakfast program by july 1, 2011. be it resolved they will have tap water available with existing water fountains as well as schools receiving water as part of the global tap initiatives and other private sources. they will limit the ability to provide additional top water for other areas in the remaining schools, and they will work for providing permanent access to tap water by the 2016 school year. >> thank you. i do not have any public speakers sign up at this time. >> tonight we are being asked to approve of bottled water contract on the order of $80,000. go i am hoping by making have water available we will be able to reduce the amount of saltwater wheat contract for. i understand sometimes bob goldwater is the only option. i am hoping this will help cut costs elsewhere. >> i heard you say and $800,000 contract, so i am glad to hea
Jul 28, 2011 6:00am EDT
distort business decisions. but the current u.s. tax code does that. it's highly distorted characterized by a high statutory rate and will encourage the the use of debt rather than equity, and it discould your honors multinationals from repate yating. they can be at best. my question for the entire panel -- isn't it true that the corporate -- it seems to me a lower u.s. corporate tax rate makes it more likely that proposals for the u.s. may make it -- it would support the growth of u.s. jobs. am i wrong about all this? >> senator hatch, you are correct. a lower rate and tax reform would create the want to invest. we agree. >> to build on his tax rates, it let the record show our cost of capital and it makes more projects atrial court aive. so lowering the rate in the u.s. would make more projects attractive to us in the u.s. >> and for a global business, i think lowering the effective tax rate allows us to invest in the u.s. without being penalized. today there's a penalty. >> senator from the cvs caremark perspective acknowledging that we are a domestic company, this would
Jul 15, 2011 12:00am PDT
impressed us with their candor and friendliness. it would be a the authoritarian government and their grip on modern china and even for us. minor flareups emerged at some surprising moments. i will share two of those experiences. this all begins in just a moment. >> every community has a marvelous the king boulevard. this is the cornerstone we all known. this is not just the street or a boulevard where wal-mart stands to get there with your community to make everyday better. >> nationwide insurance supports tavis smiley. with every question and answer, nationwide insurance is happy to help tavis improve financial literacy and remove obstacles to economic empowerment one conversation at a time. nationwide is on your side. tavis: additional funding provided by -- >> and by contributions to your pbs station from viewers like you. thank you. [captioning made possible by kcet public television] tavis: this is tiananmen square. the protest is largely unknown -- unknown to most chinese. today, the square is a major tourist attraction. we had permission to bring our cameras into the square but at
Jul 12, 2011 4:00am PDT
, from 84% down to 80%, and an increase in using reimbursement plans. that is laid out in table 8 in your chart. forgive me. there are a lot of numbers here. looking specifically at the money allocated to reimbursement plans, as supervisor campos indicated, $62 million was allocated to these plans. in this context, the allocation to a plan constitutes an expenditure. this is what is being addressed in the legislation. only top% -- only $12 million, 20% of that, was reimbursed to those employees over the course of that year. it is 29% of employers who use these reimbursement plans in some way, shape or form. 13% of them have it as the primary method of meeting the employer spending requirements. it is a higher number that used them at all. many employers will primarily provide health insurance and may allocate a small amount of money to a small subset of workers into these reimbursement plans. in addition to that 20% figure, the amount reimbursed to workers, the median reimbursement rate is lower, 12%, if we look at all the employers and find the middle point. the reimbursement rate is 12%
Jul 25, 2011 6:00am PDT
there is that we are not advocating for an increase in intensity of use in the district, meaning we are not going to have an increase in the amount of residential that is allowed, or even the amount of square footage of commercial that is allowed. it is just to enhance the ceiling height of the ground level so it can be a more gracious and more flexible use. in restaurants that have a more mechanical use, you can have a higher ceiling height. for other businesses that want increase ceiling height, it just allows more flexible use of the space. president o'brien: so a building is going to be 5 feet higher, and the residential will be on the upper floors, and those floors -- those residential floors will still be the same height as they were prior to this legislation, but the ground floor space will be higher? >> that is correct. it is as you described. commissioner clyde: i appreciate this thoughtfulness. i have seen very small storefronts that were put in a long folsom street that are squished little spaces that are difficult to manage and rent, and what they do to the streetscape. i also think t
Jul 11, 2011 7:00am PDT
that works for 2012 and as mike said, 2012 gives us a chance to pilot and test things out for 2013. and if the money comes in and if for some miraculous reason the i.e.s. is finished quickly and we get streetcars out, that is a whole different subject. but we are not building that into the people plan. the streetcar linked to mission bay and the caltran station and bart and out towards fisherman's what are to have link major nodes. that is part of what the people plan recommendation will be. the rehabilitation program and to supplement that with the motted earn -- with modern cars. one other streetcar augu augmend i heard about the lack of capacity on the f-line is in addition to the f which comes and goes out to the wharf and e which goes from mission bay to the wharf will have an f shuttle between the ferry bay and the wharf so we have the ability to pick up visitors, commuters, everybody needing to get around in that really congested segment of the waterfront. president olague: thank you. >> commissioners, that will place you on ie them in 9 for 2011.0526t, creation of limited l
Jul 20, 2011 6:30pm PDT
quote far the u.s. stock market has been fairly resilient, supported by a steady stream of strong corporate earnings. after yesterday's huge rally, the dow dropped only 15 points today. the nasdaq lost 12 and the s&p 500 slipped almost a point. >> susie: still, many experts say investors should brace for a wild ride if lawmakers are unable to reach a deal and the u.s. defaults on its debt.
Jul 31, 2011 12:30pm PDT
country's year before last year. we very much like to use this mechanism to strengthen our established relationship between the sports circle and also people in general, and we want to make good use of the experience and resources of both sides to further develop the areas of the sports industry. while this is a very good moment for us to strengthen our cooperation for the means of the mechanism for people to people exchange, and i would like to emphasize especially the importance of the cooperation in a circle for sports and also the necessity of broadening the cooperation between the two countries. >> [speaking chinese] >> to honor our visit this afternoon to san francisco we made a very special gift that we would like to present to the mayor of san francisco. [applause] >> thank you very much. i would like to introduce the council general, who has been very much help to us during this visit. welcome. [applause] >> good afternoon, everyone. first of all i wish to express my heartfelt thanks to mayor edwin lee. i know you are very busy. you are the busiest man in the city
Jul 3, 2011 6:30am PDT
quote of revolution in nepal, the children had been snatched away from us and i realized, first of all i have to search for them. it would take a miracle. it was hard to think about miracles. one by one started to find them.
Jul 3, 2011 6:00am EDT
administration for not meeting approval break new ground in justifying a presidential decision to use force. the approval of more authority in the hands of the executive is not in our country's best interests. especially at a time when our nation is in debt and our military is committed overseas. at the outset, the president asserted that military operations would be, "ltd. in their nature, duration, and scope." the administration asserted it would not require an act of war. three months later, these assertions ran hollow. military operations expanded to a campaign to drive moammar khaddafi from power. the administration is unable to justify the duration of the operations. it has grown from efforts to protect civilians under imminent threat to obliterating libya possible military arsenal, command-and-control structure, and leadership apparatus. most recently, the a demonstration has sought to avoid its obligation under the war powers resolution been making the incredible assertion that u.s. military operations in libya did not constitute hostilities. even some prominent supporters of the wa
Jul 7, 2011 3:30pm PDT
restaurants would be able to benefit from that. i have as well as my colleagues have mixed use corridors that were sensitive to that and are always looking for a break and relief by the city that we can provide a benefit in a small business kind of way to give it a leg up especially over the downturn nationally, state, and locally. and we think we may have found that response to give them a foot in the door to be able provo vied some -- to provide some added enhancement to magnetize more business in a way that, one, the city would like to see greater compliance with and who establish and do not legally permit and still have entertainment anyway. and therefore causing law enforcement, entertainment commission, or our own offices to have to field complaints. and two, provide an infrastructure that institutionalizes a regulated process that legitimizes what is part of an ongoing practice but not one that i think is certainly regulated or acknowledged. therefore, creating great confusion amongst the city, family, and law enforcement. and so by doing this, we think that we actually
Jul 5, 2011 10:00am PDT
. [calling votes] >> five ayes. >> thank you very yo. >> thank you for allowing us to move those up. let's move back to the budget peaciece. public comments, i imagine that is going to take a little bit. public comment, those that need to be heard by a certain time? is it 7:13? i only have one speaker signed up. you want to speak now, or do you want to wait? everybody else is speaking on the budget. we can move fast forward -- move that forward. >> you are the only public speaker. you want to do that now? this is regarding a general matters during your -- this is regarding general matters. >> the reason i came before you is the coast -- is because i am trying to process everything that has happened. i sat through the presentation that is very amazing, because it shows those that are able to see how they are far below taser -- low basic until they get to high school and they are not able to pass into ninth grade. i monitor a lot of what you do your a good and we did what you do, and i want to keep calling your attention to two teams that keep running through my head. i hope the poem reall
Jul 15, 2011 12:35am EDT
cameras into the square but at the very last moment, the guards refused to let us then and we had no choice but to continue with a tourist camera instead. thankfully, we would not experience this again until our visit until we returned tuesday -- we returned to the 101 middle school i school in beijing. this is one of the highest in the world. only the highest achievement is expected. the academic work load is intense. all day classes, six days a week. first i first came here and i wanted to return with my young staffers and dr. west. good afternoon. i am delighted to be back in beijing. thank you for welcoming us for a second time. i would like to do basically what we did the first time i came. i would like the students to ask us some questions as a group. came with me.m they would like to ask that you and your culture. applied to ask a good friend of mine to share some thoughts and reflections. this is is first trip to china. -- i would like to ask a good friend of mine to share some thoughts. he used to be a professor at harvard. now, he is a professor at princeton. his name is
Jul 27, 2011 7:00pm EDT
is really the long-term growth rate of the debt. >> reporter: now at more than $14 trillion and rising, u.s. debt as a percentage of g.d.p. reasonings fifth highest in the world. even if a deal emerged to raise the debt ceiling, it pay not be enough for the ratings agencys. is there still a risk the u.s. credit may get downgraded anyway? >> well, it looks like that. >> reporter: but larry kantor, chief of research at barclay's capital, believes the world will still want to invest in the u.s. > even if they downgraded, people still believe the u.s. will pay its debts. >> reporter: but a cut in the credit rating could still have expensive consequences, says economist dared. >> the risk will be that a downgrade would push up interest rates. >> reporter: that could add as much as $100 billion to the nation's annual borrowing costs. it could also raise the cost of mortgages and other consumer loans. countries with triple a. ratings, on average, play just below 3% to borrow. countryies with doubly a. ratings pay more. japan's rating was downgraded to double a., but because of a stagnant economy i
Jul 17, 2011 7:00pm PDT
quote , a quaint tourist town just a few hours from the u.s. border. last august, santiago's mayor, edelmiro cavazos, was kidnapped and killed. to understand what's happening in mexico, you need to understand what happened in santiago. >> logan: what was your biggest win ever on a single bet? >> the biggest bet i have ever made on any sporting event was last year's super bowl, and i bet $3.5 million on new orleans. >> logan: wow. billy walters is one of the most successful gamblers in america. he wins so much, that many las vegas book makers afraid to take his bets. what makes him so good? he agreed to let us inside his secret betting operation to show us how he does it. >> he is the most dangerous sports better in the history of nevada, in the history of the world. >> simon: you won't find them in america, anymore. in fact, they are hard to find anywhere. they hunt by night and sleep by day. but on a trip through brazil's wetlands, we spotted the elusive and powerful jaguar in more places than we expected. >> look at her. god, she is beautiful.
Jul 1, 2011 5:30pm PDT
in copenhagen, the status of the car has changed. people are not used to having cars anymore. they sometimes use a car and go to a car sharing club or something. it is socially acceptable to cycle. 30, 40 years ago, you would maybe be seen as a loser if he came on a bicycle, -- if you came on a bicycle, but now it is for everybody. everyone is cycling. it is not, the former generation in the 60's, denmark, they could afford to buy a car and they really enjoyed it. they wanted to show it, and all trips they made or made by cars, the the new generation has a completely different view. >> i already gave my answer during my presentation. it is everything, especially if it is business or businessmen, it is money driven. show it is comparative in cost or it is less cost for business. because if you show that, there is a discussion. >> let me ask before i go to the next question, what in your experience the you believe was the most influential and excepting the different stages of the car and its role in the city? i am sure over 40 years, your attitudes toward the automobile have changed. what do you b
Jul 16, 2011 6:00pm PDT
full-time jobs by opening our restaurant. nothing would make us happier than to provide full insurance for each and every one of our employees. i am sure you know, running a food service industry is such a small profit margin, it is not possible at this time. we encourage everyone of our employees to use their hra's. i just want to put my 2 cents in and say that if there were more incentives or tax breaks for small business owners to provide full health insurance to their employees, instead of something like an hra, i think that would be money well spent . i also want you to think about the jobs that will be lost by closing the profit margin for small restaurateurs with the passage of this amendment. supervisor campos: thank you. next speaker please. >> good afternoon. i am the senior director of benefits, compliance, and compensation for camden hotels and restaurants. i want to thank you for your time in allowing us to speak today. also, clarifying some of this legislation for everybody. i would also like to say that we offer an hra, in addition to comprehensive benefits that we offer
Jul 31, 2011 10:30am EDT
between the white house and congress over a plan to raise the debt ceiling and cut federal spending. the u.s. senate returns today at noon eastern time to continue its work on a proposal offered by majority leader harry reid. a procedural vote requiring 60- vote threshold to move ahead on that proposal is scheduled for 1:00 p.m. live coverage of the senate on c-span2. the u.s. house will gavel in for a pro forma session at 1:00 p.m. yesterday on the house floor, the majority leader advise house members to be prepared today to return to legislative work. we will bring the house to you live here on c-span. from fouray, ceo's large corporations expressed support for tax reforms that would lower the corporate tax rate and eliminate special loopholes known as tax expenditures. walmart's ceo also commented on the debt ceiling fight in washington, saying a u.s. default would be devastating to wal-mart customers and the economy. this hearing is an hour and 40 minutes. >> the hearing will come to order. benjamin franklin road, "when men are employed, they are best contented." do they, too many men an
Jul 27, 2011 1:00am PDT
to his manifesto. the police are suggesting to us that there is a certain amount of that fertilizer which is not accounted for in the explosives found on the island or the bomb here in oslo. they say it is possible that that missing amount of fertilizer could be enough to produce a bomb. so definitely a very, very significant part of their investigation. now, breivek's lawyer yesterday gave some insight into his client's mental state saying this whole case does suggest that he is insane, that breivek himself was surprised that he was able to get away with as much as he did on the island, that police hadn't stopped him any earlier, and he was taking some sort of drug before his attack to sort of keep him steady during that horrific massacre. and as you can see behind me, as lowans, norwegians continue to lay flowers for those who lost their lives. >> cnn's diana magnay reporting. that's an update here on cnn. "world business today" starts right now. i'm zain verjee. >>> good movrng from cnn london. i'm nina dos santos. >> i'm aneesh shah tank. >>> timing running out for a u.s. debt deal. w
Jul 12, 2011 6:00pm PDT
-- white it is leading the u.s. back underground. >> it is 9:00 in singapore. >> the pressure on news international has intensified with fresh criticism from the court in brown -- gordon brown bread he claimed that the sunday times newspaper page criminals to obtain his financial and medical records. on wednesday, ministers will discuss whether to call on s.ant this report does contain some flash photography. >> here is gordon with rupert murdoch's daughter. for years, they stayed close together, but no more. the smiles of fell away. they accuse them of using criminals to investigate his private life. >> i have my bank accounts, my lawyers files, someone was getting information from my lawyers. my tax returns went missing at one point, medical records have been broken into. i do not know how this happened. but i do know one thing. there is absolute proof that news international was involved in hiring people to get this information i do know that the people they work with our criminals. >> he claimed they were looking for information about a flat on this london street that you bought i
Jul 28, 2011 12:00pm PDT
, amendments, rules and regulations. continuance to august 4, 2011. item two, 2011. 0532t, uses, , building features, parking, and complaints unspecified used district. it is proposed for a continuance to september 8, 2011. item 3, 2011.0533z for a zoning map amendments, washington- broadway special use district 1. water for a special use district. but a three. special districts for sign elimination. special districts for cnn streets. continuance for september 8, 2011. item four, 2011.0051c, request for a conditional use authorization. proposed for a continuance to october 13, 2011. further, commissioners, under your regular calendar, we are receiving requests for continuances on item 11, a case 2011.0656tmz, and amendments to the planning codes. adding a section 608.16, and amending the special district of the zoning map designed -- assigning the special sign district, request for a continuance to august 11. item 13, case 2011.0155c, 5411 gary boulevard, use authorization, requested for a continuance to october 27. >> which items? >> item 13. item 16, case 2011.0294c is proposed for contin
Jul 3, 2011 2:00pm PDT
really helped us get through this process. first, i want to thank the mayor's office, the mayor, himself, in addition to chief caba, is able staff, in terms of the budget office being led by greg widener, rick has played a great role as well as your staff. the comptroller, we could not balance this without your help. thank you for all your assistance. cynthia, thanks for spending the night and helping us get through the final balancing. to the budget analyst, thank you for all your help. these cuts are always something we count on and rely on to make our budget work. so i want to thank you folks for taking a fine tooth comb through the budget to help us. to the city attorney, cheryl adams, who sit with us they are today and i want to say to thank you for your guidance in terms of your legal advice. and to part clerk, mr. victor young, you are here all day waiting for us to get our act together. i want to say thank you for helping us get through the budget process. in my office i want to say thank-you cady and tammy. katie has been a tremendous help in organizing and getting information o
Jul 9, 2011 1:00am PDT
for 2145 evans street, request for conditional use authorization. >> thank you, good afternoon, ben fu, department staff. the proposed project requests for conditional use on planning session 157 and 303 to allow parking and access of accessory amounts for the proposed restaurant depot building expansion. the site is located within the p.d.r. zoning district and a 65-foot height in j bulk district. the project proposed approximate 76,000 square feet of wholesale use. required parking would be 76 space with a maximum of 114 allowed as an accessory use. the project propose as total 171 offstreet parking spaces. the project applies with applicable planning code with the exception for parking. the project consistent with the objectives and policies of the general plan. the project complies with the first source hiring program. the project will maintain expanding existing desired p.d.r. use and desired p.d.r. site and convert a existed site to a constructive p.d.r. development. the project design is consistent with respect to the existing neighborhood character and is an appropriate in-fill
Jul 16, 2011 12:00pm PDT
. commissioner yee riley: last week, we learned was not very obvious to us the total footage. you might want to take another look at. president o'brien: other commissioners? we will open it up to public comment. do we have any public comment on this item? seeing none, public comment is closed. i guess we are ready for a motion. >> i will moat -- vote to approve our recommendation of this item. president o'brien: all those in favor? any objections? seeing none, item is approved. next item, please. >> discussion of possible action to make recommendations to the board of supervisors on the planning department proposal, planning code zoning self- service restaurants, retail copy stores, and video stores. we have a presentation by aaron starr. >> the legislative sponsor, supervisor mirkarimi, he and his staff were not able to be here tonight. this was scheduled as an informational briefing for you, all of this is a generalized as an action item. the supervisor has requested that no official action be taken tonight. the planning commission is going to be hearing this on august 4. we will have anot
Jul 23, 2011 3:00am PDT
, directed to aaron starr -- direct it to aaron starr, or you can direct us to -- to write some recommendations for the planning department to consider. >> hello. i am with the planning department's staff. i am going to present to you the proposed legislation introduced as part of the planning department recommendation. i will start by going over current recommendations and finally the staff proposal. currently, there are 13 definitions for eating and drinking uses in the planning code. mirkarimi's legislation would modify three of those -- retail coffee stores, self-service restaurants, and large fast food restaurants. the fast food restaurants are currently differentiated by the total square footage and number of seats, limited to one dozen square feet and 56. also, coffee shops are not permitted to have on-site food preparation or equipment to reheat food and prepare meals. large self-service restaurants are not permitted in and eight neighborhood district, and small self-service restaurants and video stores require conditional use authorization. what this legislation would d
Jul 25, 2011 3:00am PDT
and answer format. the service that we used to deliver our hra does provide spanish translation. we do have a number of chinese- speaking employees. we have a good working relationship with our employees about the understanding of their benefits. these materials are mailed directly to employee homes. they do have the option to opt out of the benefit. employees who want it are taking the advantage. we understand not every employee eligible for the benefits takes advantage. we offer comprehensive benefits to our full-time employees. we would love for all of our employees to be covered. as someone who runs a benefits program, i understand the importance of health care. supervisor campos: thank you. next speaker please. >> i am the owner of arcadia home care. i oppose this amendment. i am disappointed to hear you continually use language like it is a non-starter, when there is a solution available. my industry does not charge a surcharge. we do not put money in our pockets. we provide services to seniors. this will continue to provide, to increase the cost of remaining in one's own home, our ow
Jul 17, 2011 6:30pm EDT
game with u.s. women twice looking like they had the contest won but in the end japan prevailed kristin berset has the highlights. >> looking for their first world title in 12 years. dominating early. japan making their first final appearance and with the weight of a grieving country on their shoulders never gave up. the ladies getting one last look at that trophy they are playing for before the match and this game would require extra time with the u.s. up 1. japan on a corner kick. ties the game at 2. taking a page out of the american playbook forcing penalty kicks but here the u.s. struggled. shannon bach was denied. another one denied. and yet another one denied. the japanese needing this one to clench the world cup. japan is your 2011 women's world cup champion. >> i truly believe that something bigger was pulling for this team and as much as i have always wanted this if there is any team i would give it to it would be japan. i'm happy for them and they do deserve it. >> japan becomes the first asian country to win the world cup. they had never beaten the americans but now their cou
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